Car Key Making

Car Key Making

You have lost your car key; think you may have dropped it into the trunk while putting in your purchases. You emptied your pockets and searched the parking lot with no success; your key is nowhere. Panic sets in. What to do? What can you do? You definitely cannot leave your car where it is and take a taxi home or elsewhere. You could, of course, call the dealer where you purchased the car but that would require a tow to the showroom, at your expense, and possibly wait time if they were unable to do the job immediately. But there is a second and far better option.

Call Locksmith Emergency Solutions, the car key specialists, Car key Making

We are a phone call away and one of our roadside professionals will come to your location wherever you are. Whether your car is an older model or a new one with a transponder chip in the lock we can produce a new key, even without the car maker’s immobilizer information. You may think this is impossible because many new car locks are equipped with embedded security codes making copying or replacing impossible but our roadside car key specialists can produce a brand new key that can be coded and programmed into your car’s system making it the only key to operate the car. If your car is an older model without a transponder lock, it would still be advisable to have a new key cut in case someone else has a key and access to your car. A new key and lock would eliminate that possibility.

All our mobile are equipped with transponder chips, blank and remote keys, diagnostic tools, and the necessary apparatus to make a replacement key or two as it’s always good to have a spare, and this would be the ideal time to have a second key cut. Our Locksmith Emergency Solutions service professionals are highly competent individuals with extensive knowledgeable about most vehicle types and are therefore capable of making replacement keys for any model.

Therefore, all things and possible situations considered, your option is to call us, the car key specialists, to get you on your way again with no worries.