Key Extraction

Key Extraction

Sometimes without any warning you can find yourself holding part of your key in one hand while the other is still in the lock.  If this happens to you quick action can save you lots of money.

In most of these cases the broken car key can be extracted fairly easily with the proper locksmith tools and skills.  What makes these jobs more difficult is when customers often try to extract the keys themselves which more often than not push the broken part of the key further into the lock often causing damage to the ignition or lock increasing the cost of repairs.  Most often once a broken key is extracted we can duplicate a key from both broken parts and make you a new key for a couple more dollars and get you back on the road.

If you find yourself with a broken key and have both pieces we can either duplicate it from your keys or decode the key cuts and make you a key with the exact specs as the original factory key when the car was purchased new.

It is very rare for the requirement of destructive force to remove a broken key, typically this will be a sign of an inexperienced locksmith not trained or have the experience to help him remove it without damaging anything.  If you hire a locksmith other than A Locksmith Emergency Solutions this is a chance you will have to take.

Our locksmiths have the most advanced tools and knowledge to Car Key Extraction out of ignitions, trunks, door locks on automobiles as well as door locks, padlocks or anything which requires a key.

Signs to look for of a week key is if it is twisted, bent or starts to crack.  If you see this you need to stop using that key immediately and come visit us to make you a new key.

Often excessive wear on a key occurs when keys are duplicated at hardware stores or locations where there machines are not kept calibrated and keys are cut too deep or spacing is off.  What this causes is it makes the key difficult to turn the lock that is if you are lucky enough for it to work at all.  When this happens the keys snap, every time this occurs it weakens the keys prematurely.

If you ever have trouble with a lock we recommend you calling a professional locksmith at Locksmith Emergency Solutions to fix it right before more damage is done with a broken key or lock.